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The Dream


The story of this dream began with late Mr. Thanee Laivarintr, where he decided to let go his 17 successful years in architecture field and begin his new venture with a clean slate in the form of SEA Cuisine.

His new foray is motivated by his passion for authentic Thai food. After his travel to many major cities in the world as an architect, the Thai Food he tasted feeds only his tummy but not his yearning for authentic Thai food.

To eat, and share authentic Thai food, he decided to build a business based on this first core.

After settling down in Malaysia for good, late Mr. Thanee along with two Board of Directors, started their first outlet operation in KLCC back in 1999. Their venture, Rain Nudle House, was a huge success, and the profits were enough to start up another brand which is Amarin that’s located at Mid Valley Megamall in just 6 months. 

The rest, as they say, is history.

However, late Mr. Thanee and his team did not let profit sway their intention of providing the best service, ambience, and authentic Thai food to diners. By keeping a manageable number of outlets, they were rewarded with a healthy bottom line and a couple of awards. Ultimately, their most treasured rewards are the satisfaction and appreciation of their customers.